Prime Minister Modi reached Jabalpur where CM Shivraj Singh welcomed him at the airport. He will address 2.44 lakh panchayats of the country on the day of National Panchayati Raj Day in Mandla.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the National Panchayati Raj Day in Ramnagar, Mandla district today (April 24th) in Madhya Pradesh. On this occasion, a three-day event was also started. After inaugurating the festival, PM Modi, while addressing the public meeting, said, “Mahatma Gandhi had imagined Gram Swaraj and today is the day to make it true.”

Addressing the gathering in Ramnagar, the Chief Minister of the state, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, referred to the PM as the world’s most popular leader. Meanwhile, Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the PM has sanctioned Rs 2 lakh 292 crore for the development of the village. PM Modi is going to announce Tribal Development Five Year Plan here. Governor Anandiben Patel and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan were also present in this program.

Between the Adivasis Modi will launch a Maha Panchayat and launch Tribal Development Five Year Plan. Tribal voters have their own importance in MP politics. In MP, the tribals and the dalit state decide to lose the victory in 82 of the 230 seats.

Prime Minister Modi’s special speech …

Minor efforts in human life can only make a big difference.
Today, the concern of the budget is low, there is more to worry about using the budget funds properly.
People can not escape their work, they have to understand their responsibility.
Mother Narmada has saved the lives of millions of people
Every person should take a resolution to do something for the village.