10,000 seed balls planted in J&K's Doda to increase forest cover

THANE: In view of the shortage of medical oxygen being faced at present, a doctor in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra has started urging his patients to plant a sapling each – his special prescription to them in addition to medicines.

Dr. Komal Kasar, who runs Sanjeevani Hospital in Ahmednagar, has been following this practice for the last one month.

As per the practice, his medical prescription carries a footnote that asks his patients to plant a sapling after recovering from an ailment.

“Amid the pandemic, I had been receiving calls for Remdesivir, ventilators. A few days back, I also started getting calls for oxygen supply. This triggered an idea in my mind. I started writing a line at the bottom of my medical prescriptions through which I urge patients to plant a sapling as they give oxygen,” he said.

He said he later got a rubber stamp of this message made to save himself from the trouble of writing it.