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TENGA(ARUNACHAL) :  In a rare display of its long range offensive artillery capacity, the Indian Army’s units in LAC’s eastern sector showcased Pinaka Multi-barrel Rocket Launcher and Smerch Multi Rocket Launcher on Friday. 

Both Smerch and Pinaka — among the most potent rocket systems of the Army — are designed and developed to deliver high volume of firepower at critical time in a short duration. The rocket units showcased mock drill of attacking the enemy positions in the areas bordering Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. “These long range vectors of Indian Army can strike deep into the enemy territory with precision,” said Colonel Gaurav Sood, the commanding officer of the Pinaka Regiment.

A battery of six launchers of Pinaka can fire a salvo of 72 rockets in 44 seconds and neutralise enemy assets in an area of 1000m by 800m. Additionally, upgraded version of Pinaka ammunition can land up to a range of 75km with superior precision.

The indigenously developed Pinaka rockets are meant to engage targets up to 38 km at mean sea level but its effectiveness changes in areas like mountains. “At these altitudes, the ranges are enhanced significantly which further augments the deep strike capabilities of the weapon systems,” said Lt Col Samarth serving with the Pinaka Regiment in the eastern sector.

With a range of up to 90 km, a battery of four Smerch launchers can fire a salvo of 48 rockets in 40 seconds neutralising an area of 1,200m X 1,200m. The two rocket systems are in addition to the Army bolstering its long range offensive deployment in the eastern sector with artillery guns Bofors and Ultra Light Howitzer M777 and upgraded L-70 air defence guns. Also, other missile systems have been brought into the inventory of the forces in the area.