In the domestic market, after a 48-day break in the price of petrol and diesel, today the prices of petrol and diesel have increased for the second consecutive day. Government oil companies have increased the price of petrol by 15 paise per liter in Delhi today, while diesel has also been increased by 20 paise per liter. On Saturday, petrol in Delhi reached Rs 70.88 per liter and diesel at Rs 81.38.

Significantly, the fire started in petrol prices from the beginning of the second fortnight of August, it was continued till last September. If you talk about Delhi, then in the last 13 installments, petrol became 1.65 paise per liter expensive. After remaining stable for a few days after that, after September 10, there was a stagnation of shortfall and in last month it has decreased by Rs 1.19.

Diesel became expensive for the last time on 25 July in Delhi. After that on July 31, Delhi government reduced VAT on it, then it was cheaper by Rs 8.38 per liter. Then from August 3 onwards, its price was either cut or it remained stable. This makes diesel 3.10 per liter more cheaper.