In the global market, there is a decrease in demand due to softening of crude prices. Due to this, crude can be cheaper now. Due to softening in the prices of crude, on Monday, the state government oil distribution companies have cut the prices of petrol and diesel. 

Oil distribution companies on Monday cut petrol prices by 14 paise per liter and diesel by 15 paise per liter. After this, the price of petrol in Delhi has been increased to Rs 81.72 per liter and the price of diesel to Rs 72.78 per liter.

In the global market, there is a sharp decrease in the demand for cud. Due to this, the crude producer companies are once again afraid of the demand getting weak. Many demands have been placed on hold. Due to this, some companies of OPEC countries have also started giving discounts on crude. Uncertainty remains due to the increasing cases of Kovid 19. Experts believe that crude can be cheaper up to $ 32 a barrel in a month.