Presently, in view of the decrease in the number of positive patients from Kovid-19 under District Uttar Bastar Kanker and in the sequence of instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi, Government of India, the Skill Upgradation Training Institute located in the district by Collector Mr. Chandan Kumar ( Permission has been granted to operate the Skill Training Institute), coaching center and library.
Giving permission to run the said institutes, Collector Mr. Chandan Kumar said that only 50 percent of the persons of meeting capacity in the institute would be allowed to attend. As far as possible, online classes, distance learning should be given priority, the entrance and exit doors of the institute should be separate and ensure that the entrance and exit doors are in touch free mode. To ensure strict adherence to respiratory etiquette, attendees of the institute will inevitably use tissue paper or handkerchief, bent elbow while coughing, sneezing. The Director, Principal of the Institute will ensure that the material used is disposed of properly. Periodically the drinking water area, hand wash area, washroom, chair table, bench, computer, laptop, printer, course material, locker, class room and such surface which is not in touch free mode, kept in the Institute 01 One has to be cleaned with percent sodium hypochloride or 70 percent alcohol based sanitizer. Laptops, notebooks, exchange of textbooks will not be allowed, the canteen operated in the institute should be kept closed as much as possible. The collector said that CCTV cameras should be installed in the institute so that contact tracing can be done if a corona is infected. Social, physical distancing, masking and periodic sanitizer should be used compulsorily for every person present in the institute. It will be mandatory to keep a distance of at least 06 feet between the chairs for arranging the meeting in the institute. Entry of outsiders to the institute will be completely restricted, sanitizer thermal screening, oximeter, handwash and cue management system will be arranged in the institute. If the fever is found in thermal screening or any general or special symptoms related to corona, it will be the responsibility of the director, principal of the institute not to enter the institution. The meeting capacity of the institute, if less, students, trainees should be called at different times. If an air conditioner is used at the institute, it will have to keep its range from 24 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. It would be compulsory to arrange contact less attendance without using biometric system for attendance. If any person, student present in the institute feels any possible symptoms from any type of corona, then he / she must be isolated from other persons immediately and it will be the responsibility of the head of the institute. It will be mandatory to put banners, posters in the institute for protection against Kovid-19, spitting in public place using pan, gutkha, tobacco etc. is prohibited in the institute. A register will be maintained in the institute, in which the names, addresses, mobile numbers of all the attendees will be entered so that contact can be made if any of them are infected with corona.