State Revenue and Disaster Management Minister Shri Jai Singh Aggarwal has said that the issues related to land, property and revenue will be resolved soon. He said that it is the effort of the state government that people should get their revenue related matters resolved near their villages. For this, new tehsils have been formed in the state. Shri Aggarwal said the above by inaugurating the Hardibazar Tehsil office in Korba district last day.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, the Revenue Minister said that with the opening of new tehsil office in Hardibazar, the people of nearby areas will benefit for their revenue related matters like distribution, demarcation, nomination and now shift to Hardibazar and nearby villagers. Will not have to go. Revenue matters will be settled in a short time. The revenue minister made an important announcement on the demand of the villagers, saying that one day a week a link court of SDM will also be put up in Hardibazar. Villagers will also not have to go to Pali SDM office for revenue matters. On the demand of the people’s representatives, Mr. Aggarwal said that some nearby villages around Hardibazar should be included in Hardibazar Tehsil area. It is worth mentioning that Hardibazar got the status of Upatahsil in 2000. Hardibazar is also included in 23 new tehsils created by the state government. Tehsil Hardibazar covers a total of 48 grams. The tehsil comprises 19 Patwari Hildas including 35 Gram Panchayats. Hardibazar and Tiverta are the two revenue oversight boards. In Tehsil Hardibazar, 806 cases related to demarcation, division, mutation, land distribution, land acquisition, mines and minerals have been disposed off. The Revenue Minister said that Korba district will be the leader in the state in the field of health and education. He said that basic facilities are being expanded in all schools in the district.