Lok Sabha rolls out 24x7 'Parliamentary Research and Information Support' for MPs

NEW DELHI: The Parliament was adjourned till March 10 following repeated uproar by the Opposition in both Houses over rising fuel prices.

Both the Houses were adjourned and will meet tomorrow at 11 AM.

Earlier today, both Houses of Parliament were adjourned till 2 pm on Tuesday following continued ruckus by the Opposition over the rise of fuel prices.

Parliament faced repeated adjournments following constant disturbance by the Opposition over the rising fuel prices in the country.

Earlier the Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh said, “During the remaining part of the Budget Session, members will be seated in Rajya Sabha chambers and its gallery, with some physical distancing. 142 seats have been made available in Rajya Sabha chamber and remaining members to sit in the gallery.”

The decision to revise the timing of both Houses was announced on Monday. Both Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha were operating under curtailed hours of timing and social distancing norms amid COVID-19 induced norms.

The second part of the Budget Session of Parliament commenced from Monday with all COVID-19 precautionary measures in place.