Parasite actress Park So Dam diagnosed with thyroid cancer undergoes surgery

By Online Desk

Park So Dam is recovering from surgery after she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

The Parasite actress, 30, was diagnosed during a recent health check, which halted plans to promote her new movie Special Delivery, as she underwent surgery, Park’s ArtistCompany told CNN in a statement on Monday.

The rep said that Park was “very disappointed” to miss out on the press tour, adding: “The company would like to once again thank all the people for showing support for Special Delivery and actress Park So Dam, as well as the actors and crew of Special Delivery overcoming this difficult time together,” the agency said in the statement.

“Actor Park So Dam will focus on her recovery so that she can see you all healthy in the future, and ArtistCompany will also do our best to help the actor recover her health,” they added.

Papillary thyroid cancer is the most common type of cancer to affect the thyroid, according to the Mayo Clinic. “Several types of thyroid cancer exist. Some grow very slowly and others can be very aggressive. Most cases of thyroid cancer can be cured with treatment,” they note.

“Thyroid cancer rates seem to be increasing. Some doctors think this is because new technology is allowing them to find small thyroid cancers that may not have been found in the past.”

Park has appeared in a number of South Korean titles, including Steel Cold Winter, The Priests and Ode to the Goose.

She gained an international following after her breakout role in 2019’s Parasite, which swept the Academy Awards with four wins, including the Bong Joon Ho-helmed film’s historic accomplishment as the first to win both Best Picture and Best International Feature Film.