From March 2020, due to the transition effect of Kovid-19, all the schools in the district are closed, the state government’s ambitious plan “Padhai Tuhar Duar” is running the class of line in the district through Para Mohalla class and Gyan Ganga . On the direction of Collector Shri Deepak Soni and Chief Executive Officer Shri Ashwani Dewangan, the Para Mohalla class was observed in various villages of development block of Katekalyan by District Education Officer, District Mission Coordinator and Assistant Project Coordinator. The class conducted by Khemlal Sinha through the Mohalla class in Mokhpal Nakapara and Bazar Para were observed and children were asked skill based questions which the children answered. His class was praised by the officials. The Para-Mohalla class conducted in the schools of Chalkypara, Kotwarpara and Etepal in Chhotagudra was appreciated. In all these schools, general knowledge and some questions were asked to children by District Education Officer, District Mission Coordinator, Assistant Block Education Officer and Cluster Coordinator, which were answered by some children. Assessment of all these children has also been done and all the teachers were directed to complete the assessment for the next month by the prescribed period. District Education Officer Mr. Rajesh Karma, District Mission Coordinator Mr. S. L. Shorey, Assistant Project Coordinator Mr. Rajendra Pandey, Assistant Block Education Officer Mr. Ramamilan Rawate, Cluster Coordinator Mr. Devendra Kumar Mohanty have encouraged all the teachers and motivated them to work well while adhering to the Kovid safety standards. Among the teachers taking the said Mohalla class, the class is being conducted by Mr. Khemlal Sinha from Nakapara Mokhapal, Mr. Suraj Nag from Chalakipara Chhotagudra, Devkumari Nayak from Kanya Ashram Biggudara, Mr. Sanjay Kunjam at Kotwarpara.