There are four pillars of democracy, first judiciary, the second executive, the third legislature and the fourth journalism. Where do these four pillars stand? What is the hinges on these pillars? Obviously the pillars did not stand in the air and if there was no end to them then there was no justification for making them! These pillars are built on the land named Janata. It is housed on top of the security of this public which also works for us.

Now the legislators elected by these people are being kept away from the people, so that MLAs can’t contact their people and without their will, they have become caged parrot against their wishes.

After the announcement of the results of Karnataka assembly elections, four pillars of democracy are seismic. Rahul Gandhi had said that if he could speak in the temple of democracy, then the earthquake would come. There has been an earthquake by Rahul Gandhi’s undemocratic activities and the four pillars of democracy have become seismic.

Three pillars of democracy are defining the opposite of Gandhiji’s three monkeys. These three pillars media, legislature and judiciary are not speaking, neither listening nor seeing.

Considering legislatures like bonded laborers, they have been made caged parrots by firing them on their ability to fly, think, decesion, and put them in the hotel-cage.

African Negro Slaves were kept in America and other European countries long ago. They were tortured and acted against the will. Women were raped. If a slave was running away, the advertisements were given announcing prize that brought them.

We still have returned to the same direction. Cricket players are being auctioned. Princes of Arab countries buy children. They were tied on camels. When the camels ran, the children began to cry then these princes and Arab sultans used to enjoy. Little girls are being sold to those princes.

Is this not happening in Karnataka by the Congress, JDU? Rahul Gandhi’s freedom gang is engaged in all these non-political activities. Sanjay Nirupam has called the dog to the Gujarat governor. Communists also called Subhash Chandra Bose a dog of Tojo.

During the hearing on the Congress and JD (U) petition, Justice AK Sikri had said that the resort of which the Congress and JD (M) MLAs have been named, its owner can claim to form the government in Karnataka. Because the resort hotel have 117 legislators from the state, which is more than the majority. Justice Sikri said, Social media is underway that the resort owner is going to write a letter to the Karnataka governor that he is in a position to form government with the support of 117 MLAs.

We hope that the court, which has established a record of hearing in the middle of the night, will now automatically take cognizance of the democracy’s joke in Karnataka and jihadi secular media will also be able to escape from its cluttering sleep.