In Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, the paddy purchased last year has been kept in the collection centers, the situation is that due to the continuous rains in the middle, the paddy is rotting due to lack of proper maintenance of the paddy. About 1 lakh quintals of paddy collection centers are jammed due to no lift.

The administration has given notice to the millers who do not raise paddy for custom milling, while the millers claim that rice is not produced due to paddy rot, so it is difficult to lift.

Paddy was purchased in large quantities in the district last year. Paddy is picked up from procurement centers and kept in collection centers for safe keeping. Paddy is not properly maintained in these collection centers. Due to which paddy is drenched and rotting. Still one lakh quintal paddy is kept in the collection centers of the district.