With the ongoing paddy purchase in the district, their payment has increased significantly. About 3 lakh 82 thousand metric tonnes of paddy has been purchased in the district. The price of paddy purchased is about 714 crores. More than one lakh 20 thousand farmers have sold paddy at their nearest procurement centers on support price, out of which 98.64 percent farmers have been paid in full. Only 1.36 percent of the farmers’ payment is left due to technical reasons, which is 2114. The technical shortcomings will also be paid soon. It is worth mentioning that as per the instructions of the state government, procurement of paddy has started in the district from December 1, which will run till January 31. This year 1 lakh 65 thousand 218 farmers have registered to sell their paddy. An estimated target of procuring 6 lakh 86 thousand metric tonnes of paddy from them has been set. District Food Officer Chitrakant Dhruv said that under Bhatbhera Cooperative Bank, 16842 metric tons of paddy from 5979 farmers, 18142 metric tons from 5618 farmers of Hathband, 339514 metric tons from 10701 farmers of Balodabazar, 18975 metric from 5773 farmers of Tundra. Tonnes, 23651 metric tonnes from 8601 farmers of Sarsivan, and 109819 metric tonnes of paddy have been purchased from 4115 farmers of Palari. In Lavan Bank branch, 25537 metric tons from 8330 farmers, 41059 metric tons from 13194 farmers of Bhatgaon, 15102 metric tons from 5225 farmers of Rohansi, 23265 metric tons from 7237 farmers of Kodwa, 24949 metric tons from 7832 farmers of Bhatapara, 4011 of Kosmandi 10955 metric tons from farmers, 31265 metric tons from 9396 farmers of Simga, 25049 metric tons from 7272 farmers in Nipania, 26700 metric tons from 7872 farmers in Kasdol, 23364 metric tons from 5448 farmers in Baya and 126337 metric tons from 4114 farmers of Watgan Paddy has been purchased.