He joined progress and Housing Fair
Prime Minister Housing Scheme Twenty five thousand families distributed to houses acceptance letter
Inaugurated construction of approximately 110 million-bhumi poojan
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Raipur :- Chief Minister. Raman Singh said the state government helps only the poor to fight against poverty can not serve, but their plans slogans. The government plans to bring changes to the lives of ordinary people and for the betterment of all society. Prime Minister has given top priority to villages, development of poor farmers in the country and launched a number of schemes for it.
He was addressing a mammoth public meeting after the launch of the progress in the afternoon Surguja district village Btwahi (block-Lundra) and Housing Fair. Dr. Singh said picture sarguja government plans in the past ten years has significantly changed went. Being laid roads across Sarguja division and network of bridges and culverts. Sarguja is touching the heights of development. He reflects the growing participation of the said such a large number of people present development plans refer to this mega event in Btwahi. Dr. Singh said, is alone the roads at this time of Rs 670 crore in Sarguja division. Divisional Headquarters sanctioned Rs 53. 23 crore by the government for airport construction in Ambikapur million, is built on the rapid completion. After the rail and road connectivity sarguja will also include the very earliest of air traffic services. DR. Raman Singh announced progress and build new remodeled stand in development event in the village Raghunathpur at the insistence of the people’s representatives, village Btwahi, Lamganv and cement Raghunathpur Kanakrit approval of the road. He Btwahi grams Rs one crore 50 lakh for nursery building for vegetable growers in one crore 25 lakh and block headquarters Lundra to stop dam construction, irrigation potential of 125 acres Nwapara panchayat also announced the immediate sanction.
He distributed four thousand houses acceptance letters to 792 beneficiaries under the progress and development of prime housing fair. These included programs in chief hands the Czech 8 thousand 471 beneficiaries certificate and grants, including the 63 million to 35 million dollars of materials under various schemes. Dr. Singh distribution of LPG connections to four hundred women under Prime Ujjawala scheme, while they did five hundred applicants for connection of power under Prime Minister seamless power every house plan (fortunately). Dr. Singh program in the field of development realization of 17 works of about Rs 110 crore, bhumi poojan and foundation. Dr. Singh announced on the occasion that the state government will start at the end of the 55 million smart phones work delivery next month of May as part of a communications revolution plan. During the evolution of smart phones will be distributed. We’ve fixed that. BA, BS-C, B.Com., MM, Mkcom. Including students and post-graduate classes will be free smart phone. Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that poverty eradication and public how socio-economic development of the view it should check the ongoing work in the state. Network of roads in all parts of the state, including Surguja being laid. Had to survive by eating ever broken rice (pieces of rice) to the poor families of the state, is today get them just one per kg for rice. They have houses acceptance letters to four thousand 792 families together under the Prime Minister’s House plans more than 8 thousand in the same place in progress Btwahi and Development Fair beneficiaries Referring to the benefit of various schemes that the event . This assumes that these families are now entering a new era. To wander elsewhere or apartment is not any need to move back and forth person. Under the plan, they will be sure of rupees and a half million houses.
Dr. Singh said being chief for each poor family in the state to take adequate food and medical treatment is my responsibility to my government that we are playing well. Poor government to provide rice and salt in the system. He being told the doctor I felt that there is a lot of problems due to lack of money to treat the poor sick. With this in mind planned to facilitate health insurance. The plan is also to the general public as well as the poor. Chief health insurance to all families in the state beyond the income of the bond scheme is being allowed to smart cards based on an annual 50 thousand rupees to free treatment.
He said -Today Center and the state governments of schemes for the welfare of all society. Prime Minister inaugurated during the two days before the state migration village Jangla (district Bijapur) in the country and the world’s largest health insurance plans’ long live India Inaugurating the first phase of the Health and Wellness Center. Ayushmaan will poor families facility annually treated to 5 lakh in India plan. Needy patients of heart disease, kidney failure, will be the operation of the lever and knee. Prime Ujjawala Referring to the plan, the Chief Minister said that Shri Narendra Modi under the scheme so all families of SC and ST also announced a LPG connection. The state this year will benefit from this one in April. Each family having eligibility will be the LPG connection. Under this scheme, the government has two receive three thousand thousand a kitchen gas stove and first filled cylinder is also free. 60 thousand families in Surguja district are met LPG connections. More than 70 percent of the district families benefiting from the chief food aid plan. Prime Minister Fortunately scheme announced to brighten up every house and every majra hamlet deprived of electricity in the country. Under this is happening too fast work in Surguja district Lundra area.
He said that the phase-workers complete system of purchasing paddy support price to farmers, Tendu Patta break footer and women Tendu Patta entry workers in the sari distribution, tribal areas of sons and daughters to medical and engineering colleges and the Public Service Commission and the Union Public Plans include free coaching for competitive examinations for Service commission reflects the government’s sensitivity Land. Dr. Singh said today the child’s tribal areas such as Balrampur in Sarguja division, Surajpur and Lundra the IITs, including the benefits of these features from medical and engineering colleges Are also entered. The Prime Minister also said that people educated than Pdhayen much they are your children, so that they can proceed in every sector of society. Home program, prison and Public Health Engineering Minister Ramsevak Paikra, labor and sport Youth Welfare Minister Brother Red Rajwade and other senior public representatives were present.