Organic farming by making organic manure and organic pesticide medicines from cow dung and cow urine of Gaumata is making various crops rice, radish, bhata, Khem Sahu Kurra resident near Sambalpur in front of Tata Motors showroom in Chanabut Raipur Road. The weight of radish is three and a half kilos and it is very soft, the weight of reflux also remains up to one kilo. Its taste and smell is also very beautiful and natural. Khem Sahu is also doing organic farming of rice in his village Kurra. In the present scenario, all the food, fruits and vegetables produced by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is becoming very dangerous for the body, its essential quality elements are also being polluted. Its natural taste and aroma has also disappeared. District Workman Mohan Lal Sahu of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Dhamtari says that the use of chemical pesticides and manure grains, fruits and vegetables has reduced the body’s resistance. The body’s immunity has reduced so much that even the common illness fever, cold, cough without antibiotic medicine is not cured. While this antibiotic medicine is not suitable for the body. Earlier, organic farming was made from cow dung manure and cow urine of Gaumata. Due to this the immunity of human body was quite good. The disease was also cured by using antibiotics without the usual medicines. Man’s age was also very long. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, serious diseases related to the body like liver, kidney, etc. are becoming incurable and other diseases like cancer. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is reducing the land fertilizer capacity, the land is becoming barren. The natural balance is also deteriorating. The life of other animals, animals and birds is being affected along with humans. Birds tweeting in the house courtyard are also disappearing. In fact, the importance of cow breeding should be given more emphasis in present times. There is life in the creation only by the preservation and promotion of Gaumata. All peasant brothers should carry out a public awareness campaign by promoting organic manure made from cow dung, cow urine.