For the last few years, the Narendra Modi government of the Center has been running a special scheme to reduce the demand for physical gold. Its name is Gold Bond Scheme. Under this scheme, the Narendra Modi government of the Center is selling gold once again. 

Let me tell you here that the government sells gold in the form of bonds. The price of this gold is decided by the Reserve Bank. The Reserve Bank issues the price of this gold from time to time, which is cheaper and safer than the physical gold present in the market. Let us know about the new price of gold under this scheme.   

The Reserve Bank has kept the price of gold bond at Rs 5,117 per gram this time. There will be a rebate of 50 rupees per gram on digital payment for the purchase of gold bonds. The bond price for such investors will be Rs 5,067 per gram.   

The scheme will open on August 31 and close on September 4. This means that you can shop for gold during this period. At least one gram can be purchased. To buy it, you have to contact your bank, BSE, NSE website or post office.

It can be purchased digitally from here. This is a kind of secure investment because there is neither a concern for purity nor a problem of security.    

Let us tell you that in the financial year 2019-20, the Reserve Bank issued gold bonds worth Rs 2,316.37 crore i.e. 6.13 tonnes in ten installments. At the same time, bonds are being issued for 6 consecutive months in the Corona period. 

This is to say that this time you may have to wait a few months if you miss the investment. Explain that the purpose of launching the government’s scheme was to reduce the demand for imports and physical gold.