Big change in the lives of people in three years, new doors of livelihood opened: Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

We are 25 families of the village. After a difficult 16 kilometer climb of the mountain, walking continuously for two and a half hours to reach the ration shop, sometimes have to come by bad road then have to cover a distance of 35 km, where one has to struggle with river, drain, bad roads It is our demand, Chief Minister, that our village should be connected with the ration shop of the nearest Panchayat Ghuidh, from where it is easy to get ration. 25 km Climbing the mountain or 35 kms They will not have to take ration by fighting the paths of the state, they will now get ration only in their nearest gram panchayat Ghuidh. In order to see the effect of implementation of the schemes of the government at the ground level and to communicate directly with the public, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel met the campaign. is invoked. In this sequence, when Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reached village Kudargarh in Bhatgaon assembly constituency of Surajpur district on 7th May and this problem arose in the chaupal here, within 6 days it was ensured that the villagers would get ration from village Ghuidh. The names of 25 beneficiaries from village Kudargarh have been shifted to the ration shop of village Ghuidh. Now the villagers will not have to struggle to climb mountains and struggle with river drains and rocky roads. On the request of the villagers, their village has been connected with the nearby gram panchayat Ghuidh, so that they can get ration easily and do not face any problems. Hearing the problems of the villagers, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had immediately given instructions to add the names of all those beneficiaries in the ration shop near the village. Immediately following the instructions given by the Chief Minister on 7th May, on 13th May the names of the beneficiaries were added to the village Ghuidh. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading