UIDAI, the government organization that issues Aadhaar, has said through a tweet that now one or more updates will require a fee of Rs 100. Which includes biometrics update.

New Delhi. Based cards ( Aadhaar Update is) to update Photo considering. There will now be a fee of Rs 100 for photo updation. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has increased the biometric updation fee by Rs 50. Till now, a fee of Rs 50 was fixed for the updation. The UIDAI-Unique Identification Authority of India has informed through a tweet that now the fee for one or more updates will be Rs 100, including biometrics update. Currently UIDAI charges 50 rupees for demographic detail updates in Aadhaar.

Charges of these services have increased – Biometric updation fees have increased as soon as Aadhaar services started. Demographic (demographic) updation fees have not increased. Eye pupils (iris) and fingerprints are also updated. In the case of not getting fingerprints, a person has to undergo biometric updation again. For this, the fee has been Rs 100, while the name, address, age, mobile number and e-mail will have to pay Rs 50 as before.

UIDAI has said that along with the application form and fees, you have to submit valid documents to change your name or address or date of birth. UIDAI accepts 32 documents as proof of identity.

Accepts 45 documents as address proof and 15 documents as proof of date of birth. You can submit any one valid proof to change the details in your Aadhaar.

You do not need to submit documents for verification for all changes in Aadhaar. You can get your mobile number updated in Aadhar card without submitting any documents.

You can update your new photo with any document. Other details such as biometrics, gender and gender ID can also be updated without any problems.