Collector Saurabh Kumar has issued a new order on Monday in order to unlock the capital Raipur. According to the order issued, marriage programs will be allowed to be organized in the residence, hotel or marriage hall on the condition of strictly following the Kovid-19 protocol. According to the order of the Ministry of Government of India, the total maximum number of persons attending the event will be 50. Similarly, the total maximum number of persons participating in funeral, Dashgatra etc. death related programs will be 20. A maximum of 50 persons, subject to the ceiling of 50 per cent of the capacity of the marriage hall, can be attended by all the parties in the hotel/marriage hall during any one event. Their list will be maintained by the marriage hall operator. If there is a Dhumal, Brass Band Party in the event, the prescribed conditions of the prior order of the office will have to be strictly followed. It will be mandatory to wear masks and strictly follow physical distancing during the event.