Shivkumar Dahria joined the devotee Guha Nishad Raj Jayanti organized by the Nishad society in Samoda. During this, he inaugurated the newly constructed building for the people of the society. Dr. Shivkumar Dahria, the chief guest who reached the program of Nishad society, said that Nishad society is very hard working and self-respecting. The people of the society have been living on the strength of their hard work. Awareness and unity in the society prove to be helpful in advancing every society. Without this awareness education is not possible. Your children will study well, if you do the job of doctor, engineer, then your financial position will be strong. Poverty will be eradicated and you will be able to live better. Therefore, the people of the society are requested to send their children to schools and colleges. Also teach girls in your home and make a good person. He appealed the people of the society to stay away from addiction.

Dahria further said that the state government under the leadership of the Chief Minister is working for the development of all societies and classes. Nishad Samajis live in large numbers in Chhattisgarh. Respecting the sentiments of the Nishad community, the airport at Bilaspur has been named after Bilasa Bai Canteen. Soon this airport will establish international recognition and this will increase the identity of the society. On the demand of the society, Minister Dr. Dahria announced the construction of a compound for the newly constructed building.
Minister Dr. Dahria also gave information about the work being done by the government for the promotion of Chhatigarhi culture and the development of Ramvanagman Path. During this period, people of Nishad community including the district president Khilesh Dewangan, Bhagat Nishad, Punit Nishad, Prahlad Nishad, Komal Sahu and the public representatives of the area were present.