The Congress party which has always attacked Prime Minister Modi Government for ill treating the minorities and not treating them equally has in fact no concern for them and has always used them as a placard for fulfilling their political motives.

In a shocking revelation it has come to forefront that Congress and its allies didn’t supported former president APJ Abdul Kalam for presidential position in 2012.BJP and the Trinmool Congress backed him for the position but because of not getting support from Congress party he pulled himself out of the race, reveals new book penned down by historian Rajmohan Gandhi

“After his presidency ended in 2007, Kalam’s enthusiasm for India’s classical culture, his liberal praise for leaders of some Hindu religious bodies, and his earlier work for India’s defence made him Hindu India’s favourite Muslim,” historian Rajmohan Gandhi writes in Modern South India: A History from the 17th Century to Our Times.

“Some political parties, including the BJP and the Trinamool Congress, proposed a willing Kalam for a fresh presidential term in 2012, but the Congress and its allies did not take to the idea. Aware that he lacked the numbers, Kalam did not stand, and Pranab Mukherjee became president, he says

Yet Congress claims to be a secular party.The real worry of Congress was that APJ Abdul Kalam was more popular than Sonia Gandhi so they didn’t want him again to be President.Any popular persons posing threat to the business of Gandhi family were not welcome in the past and the same attitude by this family continues to the present time. What happened to Gayatri Devi, Shastri and Abdul Kalam proves it.

Congress party has always crushed the leader who has come in their path. It basically can’t be stated as the party of the different leaders but it is party of stooges and boot-lickers of Gandhi family. Those who work in accordance with Gandhi’s they are pampered in the party or I can say only those people get place in the party who work according to will of Gandhi’s. Because anybody who will raise the voice against Gandhi’s will be expelled from the party. Under the rule of Congress Government not only the party leaders but any powerful position will be acquired only by that person who will follow the rules and guidelines of Gandhi family or else he will be thrown out . Whatever tactics or strategies the party may have to adopt but the party will not let it happen.

The same is the problem of Congress now. In 2014 people have shown the party its way out by choosing Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister.This hard fact is not being digested by Congress party till now that a Chaiwala has become the PM  who is honestly governing India, who has brought Congress party to its end. So they keep on putting false allegations on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government.

Folks,It’s again time to teach this party a lesson and not getting trapped in the false net laid by them. Let’s throw this family centric party out in 2019