All major government buildings will be in one place

Preparations have begun for the assembly building in Nava Raipur. The new assembly building will be constructed on nearly 51 acres of land just opposite Mahanadi Bhavan (Ministry) and Indravati Bhavan (HOD Building). The PWD department has started preparations. The formal Bhumi Pujan is held on 28 August. In fact, there are ministries and HOD buildings in Sector-19 of Nava Raipur. The assembly building will be built in half of this sector. PWD officials said that the engineers are working to design the assembly building and it will be finalized in a day or two. Discussions of building the assembly building in Naya Raipur started during the previous government, But the process has started now. A proposal of about 270 crore rupees has been prepared to construct the new building of the assembly. After its approval, PWD will issue the tender for the construction of the building. The work of building the assembly building will begin by the end of October. The target is to complete it in a maximum of two years. Let us know that the assembly session is starting from Tuesday. During the session, information about the construction of the new building can be given in the House.

The three-storey building will be constructed
in a modern way so that members can get all kinds of facilities. The building will be three storeyed. Offices and rooms will be constructed according to different categories and positions. Special seats will be made to sit for the MLAs of the Opposition. Different galleries will be constructed. The parking system in the new assembly building will also be different. Cafeterias and canteens will also be built.