Nepal India Latest News: The pride of Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli seems to be breaking now. The Nepalese Prime Minister is now in touch with leaders of BJP and RSS to celebrate India. However, he could not succeed in his efforts


  • Anti-India Nepal’s KP Sharma Oli government’s swagger continues to loosen
  • After India’s tough stand on border dispute, the Oli government is taking suggestions from experts
  • Nepali PM is busy celebrating Modi government through BJP and RSS

The KP Sharma Oli government of Nepal, which has been taking anti-India steps one after the other under the aegis of Kathmandu China, is getting loose. The border dispute between India and Nepal continues. After India’s tough stand, the Oli government of Nepal is now taking suggestions from experts on how to convince India to negotiate. The Government of Nepal has taken this step at a time when the dispute over the border, Ayodhya and Buddha has increased.

Not only this, Nepali PM KP Sharma Oli is busy celebrating the Modi government through BJP and RSS. According to the Kathmandu Post report, Nepalese Foreign Minister Pradeep Gowli, who has consistently made statements against India, has consulted several former ministers, diplomats and experts to bring India to the negotiating table within the last few weeks. Nepali Foreign Minister Gianwali has also confirmed that efforts are being made to negotiate with India.

‘efforts to initiate a dialogue with India’
“Efforts are on to start talks with India in Kathmandu and New Delhi but it will take more time for the results to come up,” said Gowli. Despite all the efforts of the Nepalese Foreign Minister, it has not been decided yet how to proceed towards dialogue with India. The report said that after the inclusion of Kalapani, Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura in Nepal’s new map, India is not showing any enthusiasm for the talks.

India says that all three areas are part of it. Both India and Nepal have said that they are willing to resolve the issue through dialogue. But both countries are yet to start negotiations. Kathmandu Post quoted government sources as saying that the issue of border dispute has become more complicated with the release of a new map by the Oli government. He said that this has further narrowed the path of dialogue.

‘Nepali Foreign Minister met many former foreign ministers’
Let us tell you that on 8 May, the Defense Minister of India, Rajnath Singh, inaugurated the road connecting the script to China. After this, Nepal had protested and released a new map of Nepal under the ambassador of China. After this controversy, Nepali Prime Minister KP Oli wanted to send the former Prime Minister and senior leader of the Communist Party Madhav Kumar Nepal to India, but the scheme never got implemented.

Now the Nepalese foreign minister has met several former foreign ministers to persuade India. On Friday, he met former diplomats, ambassadors and experts and asked for measures to end the ongoing stalemate with India. Former Nepal Ambassador to India Deep Kumar Upadhyay said, “Although Foreign Minister Gawli claims that his government is in touch with the political leadership of India but no result has come yet.”

A Nepali diplomat said on condition of writing the name, “Why not talk to your Indian counterpart S Jaishankar directly instead of talking to foreign minister Gianwali We do? On such occasions private relations between the leaders of both countries are very important. Not only this, PM Oli is also trying to negotiate with India from behind the scenes. Kathmandu Post quoted sources as saying that Oli and his advisers have contacted the leaders of the ruling BJP Ram Madhav, Vijay Jolie and the RSS.

UN will not use Nepal map officially

‘All efforts by Oli and his government to restore contacts fail’
, according to sources, after all attempts by Oli and his government to restore contact with India have failed, the government is now looking for an alternative route. The Oli government is now trying to negotiate a border dispute with India from behind the scenes through the military. A leader of the Communist Party said that there has been no dialogue between the two countries since November last year. On the other hand, a leader associated with this entire case said that the Communist Party of India is closely watching the fight.

The leader said, ‘India knows that if we talk to Oli now, it will strengthen him who does not want another section of Nepal Communist Party. Not only this, the ongoing mutual footfall within the Nepal Communist Party is also responsible for delay in negotiations with India. The ongoing dispute between Prachanda and PM Oli has increased considerably and the party has reached the brink of collapse.

KP Sharma Oli is desperate for talks with India