The Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission has identified the complaints related to marking for interview of absent student in written examination of Assistant Professor (Higher Education Department) Exam-2019, elimination of 105 questions and identification of about 88 candidates of same examination center in Durg district. . The Commission has said that in the investigation of the complaint related to the identification of the absent student in the examination of Assistant Professor, the complaint has been debarred after it is found to be baseless. Similarly, out of 2450 questions, 105 questions were deleted for various reasons, which is a continuous process of any commission or institution. Similarly, the matter of identifying 88 candidates from the same examination center is also completely baseless and untrue.

Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission organized the examination results of the written examination of Assistant Professor (Department of Higher Education) examination held from November 5, 2020 to November 8, 2020, in the complaint investigation to identify the candidate who has an absent serial number in Hindi literature, completely unfounded and Has been found to be factless. In this regard, information has been given by the Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission that the written examination result of Assistant Professor (Higher Education Department) Exam 2019 has been released on 19 January 2021. In the said examination result, the candidate Shri Virendra Kumar Patel had complained about the identification of the candidate with absent serial number in Assistant Professor Hindi literature. On the said complaint by the Commission, the matter was investigated on 01 February 2021 by calling the candidates and the Kendras and observers of the concerned examination center. In the complaint, the candidate has told videography to be done in the examination hall and the candidate behind him is absent.