new Delhi. After hearing the name of Neerja Bhanot, there seems to be a headache in the body. Eyes damp and head bent down proudly that such a young age can be so brave. Regardless of his life, Neerja saved the lives of 360 people. Born on September 7, 1963 in a Punjabi family of Chandigarh, Neerja saved the lives of people present in the plane that had been lost in their life on September 5, 1986, 32 years ago.  Neeraj was shot and killed by terrorists in Karachi. He was an employee of Pan American World Airways. Pan Am Flight 73, moving from Mumbai to New York, was hijacked by four terrorists in Karachi, then they were senior air hostesses in the plane. They saved the life of 360 passengers in the plane. The plan of terrorists failedThe terrorists wanted to crush the plane to a fixed place in Israel, but Neerja failed his plan. Traveler Michel Hexton, who survived the incident, wrote a book. In this book, Michael claimed that he had heard while talking to the hijackers that he wanted to crash the ship on 9/11 as a targeted target in Israel. During the hijack, the terrorists called Neerja and his colleagues and told them to collect passports of all passengers so that they could put pressure on Pakistan by killing any American citizen. Neerja collected passports of all the passengers but handed over the passports of five American passengers sitting in the plane and handed them over to all the terrorists. The terrorists threatened the Pakistani government by bringing a British to the aircraft gate If he does not send a pilot, then he will kill him. But Neerja also saved the British citizen by talking to that terrorist.

Terrorists running bullets in the dark

When 4 armed people hijacked the plane, the flight had 360 passengers and 19 crew members. After Plane Hijack, three crew crew members i.e. pilots, co-pilots and flight engineers fled the cockpit. The plane’s fuel was over and the darkness fell. Neeraj was waiting for this time. In the dark he immediately opened all the Emergency Gate of the plane and The passengers asked to jump out of those gates. The terrorists started firing by seeing passengers fleeing from the plane in the dark and ran away. Some passengers were injured in this but 360 of them were completely safe. As soon as Neeraj was taken out of all the passengers, she started to go out of the plan, when she heard the voice of children crying. On the other hand, the Pakistani Army commandos had also come in the plane. They had killed three terrorists. Neerja searched for the kids and as soon as she moved towards the Emergency Gate of the plane. Then the fourth terrorist came out. Neeraj pushed the children down and confronted with that terrorist. The terrorist took out many bullets in Neerja’s chest. India on this sacrifice of Neerja Not even the whole Pakistan cried. Government of India honored Neerja with the highest gallantry award ‘Ashok Chakra’ for this bravery. Neerja was the youngest woman to receive this award. Not only that, Neerja has been nominated by the Government of Pakistan for Tamga-e-Insariat and the US Government has given Justice for Crime Award.

Work done in advertisements

Neerja studied school from Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School in Chandigarh, but her whole family shifted to Mumbai. Neerja studied further from Bombay’s Scottish School of School and from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai Graduation studies. Neeraja got a modeling assignment, she started her career in modeling. He worked in about 22 advertisements. When Neerja applied for a flight attendant in ‘PAN AM’, she was a successful model. Neeraja was released in the year 2016, actor Sonam Kapoor’s film ‘Neeraja’ was released, which was highly appreciated.