Naxalites kill villagers in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon

RAJNANDGAON (Chhattisgarh): Two villagers were abducted and later killed by Naxalites at the Kohka police station area of Rajnandgaon district.

According to the information received from the police, the Naxalites killed both the villagers based on the suspicion raised by their informer.

Ramsay Gadve, aged 30 years, was picked up by them at 9 pm and later found dead in the Merapani area. The second victim, Inder Sai Mandavi (75), was beaten to death.

These incidents have spread panic among the villagers.

The Naxalites are said to have been increasing their influence in the area by means of fear. Earlier, they had thrown pamphlets to exert their ideology in the area and said that many of the villagers are their informers.