Indra Navy, a biennial joint naval exercise being held for the eleventh time between India and Russia, will run from September 4 to 5 in the Bay of Bengal. This joint naval exercise began in 2003. This has proved the long-term strategic relationship between the navies of the two countries.

This naval exercise is being organized in the Bay of Bengal at a time when Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is visiting Moscow from 3 September at the invitation of Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigou of Russia to discuss bilateral cooperation and mutual interests.

This joint naval exercise has matured over time from the perspective of new possibilities, increased levels of operations and participation. The basic objective of this exercise is to further strengthen the interoperability efficiency achieved by the two navies over the past several years as well as to expand mutual understanding and procedures for multidisciplinary maritime operations. This time joint exercise involves extensive and varied activities in the field of maritime operations.

In view of the restrictions imposed due to the Kovid epidemic, this time this practice will be restricted to the maritime sector only. In the joint exercise, the Indian Navy will be represented by guided missile destroyers Rannvijay, indigenous frigate Sahyadri and fleet tanker Shakti. Their helicopters will also accompany them on this occasion. The frigate Sahyadri is currently employed to support MT New Diamond. There was a fire on the coast of Sri Lanka at MT New Diamond.