During the Corona period, ‘Nava Jatan’ program is being organized to provide remedial education to such students of the state schools who are backward from class level due to learning loss. State Council of Educational Research and Training (S.C.) A training program in this regard is being conducted by .ERT), in which four people from each district have been called as State Resource Group. One assistant project officer, one diet teacher and two teachers are being trained at the state level from each district. After the training, this team of the district will train the School Sankul Coordinator (CAC) in their district on various points of remedial teaching. CAC Will train all the teachers in his cluster. The ‘Nawa Jatan’ is being started only to make the educational level of the children in line with the present class. Nav Jatan program is unique in itself because in this remedial teaching has to be done during the normal classroom. SCERT for the guidance of the trainers The subject experts of the University presented on the Baseline Assessment based on the Bridge Curriculum and Learning Outcomes on how to conduct remedial teaching of their subject. On this occasion S.C.E.R.T. Additional Director Dr. Yogesh Shivhare discussed the sensitivity, importance and usefulness of the entire program with the trainee participants. This program director S.C.E.R.T. It is being operated under the special guidance and direction of Shri Rajesh Singh Rana. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading