Nationwide Gram Swaraj Wednesday Clean April 18 in all ten thousand 971 grams of nearly twenty thousand villages panchayats of Chhattisgarh under Campaign India Day will be celebrated. The event will be held at the village program for the public on the subject of hygiene participation in panchayats. The gram panchayats, which has not yet been declared Sucmukt (Odif) open, will they run mass movement of villagers to cooperate hygiene. Chief Minister. Raman Singh said the state appeals active participation in the five-sarpanch and events Clean India Day on April 18 villagers. Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Ajay Chandrakar has also called for cooperation from panchayat representatives and the general public in these events.
It may be recalled that the Prime Minister’s top priority Clean India has come in about three and a half to start the missions of ten thousand 971 Gram Panchayats of state in ten thousand 725 Gram Panchayats open in the event of Sucmukt (Odif) are. These village 18 thousand 769 village panchayats have also been in a position to become Odif grams. The village of Maoist-affected areas panchayats are also being made continuously Jnshyog to declare Odif. This mission is the nation starting from October 2014 Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary. His until October 2019 150th anniversary aim to free the practice of open defecation in the country under this mission, but the Chief Minister. Raman Singh given the full cooperation of the state in this mission, a state of national target By October 2018 the first “Uzzr-Suggr Hummer has set a target of hundred percent Odif as Chhattisgarh.
Union Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Additional Chief Secretary, Panchayat Chhattisgarh government in accordance with the guidelines of the New Delhi and Rural Development Shri RP Board of here Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) Gram smooth conduct of Swaraj campaign has issued a circular to all district collectors. It has given the necessary instructions to the district collectors on the different events that are on different days between April 14 May 05 under the campaign. It also noted that nationwide Gram Swaraj campaign in Chhattisgarh has also begun on April 14 on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti two days ago, which will continue till May five K Prime Minister had himself announced that day grams Jangla (district of Chhattisgarh – launched the nation-wide campaign in the large gathering of Bijapur). Under the campaign to clean up after the celebrated Social Justice Day on April 14, April 18 India Day will be held by the Panchayat and Rural Development Department. Under it will be many events at the village panchayat, block and district levels.
Representatives who work best under the Panchayat Department Director Mr. Taran Prakash Sinha today said clean gram panchayats across the state on April 20. India Day, District Panchayat (block) and clean at the district level Bharat Mission (Rural) Hygiene champions, officers, employees, and will be awarded to civilians. Bicycle and motorcycle rally for awareness, human chain will be organized such as sanitation chariot. Workshops for Odif stable blocks will be held. At the same time will also be workshops on the district and block Sthr management of solid and liquid waste. Public spaces clean, be cleanly through collective labor hygiene. Village meetings will focus on sanitation and hygiene vote and night choupal will be held. Will be various competitions on the subject of hygiene in schools. Who has clean places where plant basil and pepper will be planted. Odif villages anniversary will be celebrated.
He said that under the scheduled campaign by the Food Department on April 20 will be held UJVALA Day. On that day the gram panchayat, block and will be held at the district level function, such as LPG beneficiaries under Prime UJVALA plan cylinder will be distributed. Additionally Kekwayksik for extended categories of the plan Forms will also be compiled. UJVALA Day will be in the village organized LPG panchayat meetings on Panchayat level, which will be informed of the advantages to beneficiaries having access to health than the Swarchc fuel.
He also said that will be held April 24 at the National Panchayati Raj Day and Gram Swaraj Day, all the Gram Panchayat and Rural Development Department panchayats April 28 according to the programs of Gram Swaraj campaign. The campaign will be conducted for Health and Family Welfare Department aayushman India Day from April 30, living day by the Department of Agriculture in May by five Farmers’ Welfare Day on May two and Rural Development and Skill Development Department. All states by the Central Panchayat and Rural Development Ministry for each special day celebrated under the campaign has also been chronicling the activities.