The National Pulse Polio Vaccination Campaign will be run across the state from January 31. Pulse polio medicine will be given to children between 0 and 5 years old under this campaign. On the first day of the campaign, polio booths, on the second and third days, health workers will go door-to-door to give medicines to children.

Health Minister, Honorable TS Singhdev has appealed to all the parents of the state to take polio booth to children below 5 years of age in their home and surroundings and give a dose of Pulse Polio and help in the work of National Pulse Polio. It is the social responsibility of all of us to make the country, the state, our district, our village, our home free of polio.
State Nodal Officer Dr. Amar Singh Thakur told that, preparations are being made by the Health Department for this campaign. Nearly 35 lakh children of the state will be fed polio supplements from January to January in Anganwadi centers, primary schools, sub-health centers, primary, community, district hospitals, maternal child hospitals under the Plus Polio Campaign.
India was declared polio free by the World Health Organization in March 2014. But in view of the danger of polio, the Indian government is still carrying out a campaign of Pulse Polio once a year to maintain polio-free conditions in India.
India has completed 9 years as a polio-free nation on 13 February 2020. The last case of polio in Chhattisgarh was found 18 years ago in the year 2002 in Masturi block of Bilaspur district.
Dr. Amar Singh Thakur said that even after this, there is a danger of polio. Polio infection continues in three countries of the world (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria). Out of this, two countries are our neighbors, due to this, the risk of polio always remains in India. In this sequence, Pulse Polio campaign will be started from 31 January 2021.
He said that for the successful operation of Pulse Polio, the Health Department has organized around 14396 polio booths and about 28800 door-to-door excursion teams, aiming to provide polio supplements to about 35 lakh 80 thousand 949 children. In this campaign, children between 0 and 5 years old will be given door to door polio booth on January 1 and February 2 at the polio booth on January 31 and identify them.
5 officers have been appointed for monitoring booths in urban areas and 15 officers for rural areas. Monitoring officers will constantly monitor booths to avoid any negligence in the booth. For this, about 15000 vaccination centers have been set up in various public buildings, bus stands etc. in all the districts of the state. In these centers, vaccination teams have been formed by mixing government employees and other personnel including Mitanins to give polio drops to children.