The Peer Team of National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAC) inspected Agrasen College on February 7 and 08. For this two-day inspection, the peer team includes Dr. NV Kalyankar (Chairman), Vice Chancellor of Gondwana University, Dr. Rammohan Pathak (Member Coordinator) of Nehru Gram Bharati Nominee University, and Dr. Ratnakar Pani (Member), Principal of Sunderban Haji Desarat College, Kolkata. ) Included as.

It is worth noting that this NAC team has the experience of inspecting more than fifty institutions collectively. In this meeting, the chairman described the achievements of Agrasen College as ‘small college big effort’. Also, the college-run ‘Self. Sushant Aggarwal also appreciated the efforts of Smriti Book Bank, in which students of any institute are given books for a year at a nominal fee.