Pakistan is always sitting in the hope that when it will beat India on Kashmir issue, but it has to face every situation. Now once again Pakistan has to face gritty and this time it is not given by anyone but the organization of Muslim countries. It is important to note that Pakistan often hopes from the organization of Muslim countries that they will support it against India. Pakistan understands that the organization of Muslim countries will speak against India on Kashmir issue, but this time Pakistan has got a shock. Actually, there was a meeting of the Organization of Islamic countries in which the issue of Kashmir was not included against the intention of Pakistan. Please tell that this meeting was of the foreign ministers of the countries involved in the OIC. At the same time, Pakistan hoped that the issue of Kashmir would definitely arise in the OIC, but it did not talk about the Kashmir issue.

Let me tell you that Pakistan has always been linking Kashmir issue with the independence of Muslims, it has been raising this matter often in the OIC, as of now it has not got any sense on this issue yet. At the same time, India-Saudi relations became stronger now. Even the UAE has banned the granting of new visas to Pakistanis.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said about Kashmir issue, I will focus on Kashmir issue and Islamophobia issue in the meeting. We will take up all the challenges and problems of Muslim countries. Qureshi will also meet with counterparts from Islamic countries during the meeting.