Chhattisgarh State Election Commission has released the electoral roll revision program for Municipality General and Deputy Election – 2021. Under this, the initial publication of electoral rolls will be done on 01 March 2021. Claims and objections can be submitted by the Collector and District Election Officer from March 1 to March 9 at the designated time to the designated staff at the identified sites.

The initial publication of the electoral roll will be done in the Electoral Registration Officer Office, Assistant Electoral Registration Officer Office and the concerned urban body office. Claims in the electoral roll can be made by such persons, whose name is in the popular electoral roll of the assembly election, but have been omitted from the initial publication of the electoral roll of the municipality or whose name has been published in the wrong ward or whose details are electoral If there is a defect in the roll, a claim can be made to amend it. Similarly, in the initial publication, if there is an objection to the name of a voter / own election roll, then a claim can be filed for its deletion.