Raipur Municipal Corporation team is collecting property tax in each of the wards. The corporation’s team is distributing door-to-door demand notices and pamphlets to collect property tax. Senior officials are constantly monitoring this. The corporation is also preparing to attach those who do not submit assets. In each zone of the corporation regarding revenue recovery, the team of Revenue Department in the presence of Revenue Inspectors, Assistant Revenue Inspectors including Zone Commissioner Leadership and Zone Assistant Revenue Officer and campaigning in all the 70 wards in the interest of Municipal Corporation have made vigorous recovery in continuous order. In this, the revenue department team of Corporation Zone I has collected revenue of Rs 3 lakh 91 thousand 994 from 65 taxpayers. The revenue department team of zone two today collected Rs 8 lakh 22 thousand 486 from 93 taxpayers, the team of zone three collected Rs 5 lakh 92 thousand 441 from 103 taxpayers, the team of zone four collected Rs 5 lakh 66 thousand 613 from 83 taxpayers. Has Similarly, the team of Zone Five has given Rs 5 lakh 67 thousand 835 from 128 taxpayers, Rs 6 lakh 7 thousand 716 from 120 taxpayers, the revenue department team of Zone 7 has received Rs 3 lakh 42 thousand 541 from 48 taxpayers, Zone eight team collected Rs 7 lakh 41 thousand 933 from 162 taxpayers, Zone Nine team collected Rs 12 lakh 3 thousand 883 from 170 taxpayers and Zone 10 revenue department team collected revenue of Rs 3 lakh 39 thousand 137 from 134 taxpayers.