2,910 new coronavirus cases in Maharashtra with 50 new deaths, 3,039 recoveries

BHOPAL: Morena has not reported any new COVID-19 case in the last three days and has become the first district in Madhya Pradesh to have no active coronavirus case, health officials claimed on Wednesday.

They attributed this to proper monitoring of patients and contact-tracing in the district.

No COVID-19 case has been reported in the district in the last three days, Morena’s Chief Medical and Health Officer R C Bandil told PTI.

“We focussed on proper sampling and isolation of the COVID-19 patients, besides their constant monitoring. This has led to zero active coronavirus cases as on Tuesday evening,” he said.

The health department conducted strict contact-tracing and follow-up in cases of infections, he said.

Out of 52 districts in MP, 31 recorded less than 20 active coronavirus cases on Tuesday evening, according to state health officials.

Among these 31 districts, 12 have less than 10 active cases, while four recorded less than five active cases, they said.

As on Tuesday evening, Madhya Pradesh’s COVID-19 tally stood at 2,55,431, while the death toll was 3,815.

The state has so far reported 2,49,193 recoveries, as per official figures.