National Pulse Polio campaign was also conducted from 31 January to 02 February in the district including the country, state. During this period, one lakh five thousand 210 children of zero to five years of age were given doses of polio. These include 28 thousand 357 of Kurud block, 23 thousand 658 of Gujra, 23 thousand 543 of Nagri, 16 thousand 507 of Magarlod block and 13 thousand 145 children of Dhamtari Urban.
District Immunization Officer Dr. BK Sahu said that 745 polio booths were built for this in the district. Similarly, polio medicine was given to the teams for door-to-door tours, bus stands, railway platforms, high risk areas such as brick kiln, coal kiln, construction area etc. He said that on the first day, on January 31, on the second day of polio booth, on the second day of February, and on the third day on February 2, the children left by the vaccine were given door-to-door polio supplements. In this entire campaign, about two thousand health workers worked tirelessly to give a dose of polio to the targeted children.