Prime Minister Narendra Modi tore into the Opposition, especially the Congress and the Communists, whom he described as bereft of any ideas or programmes for the progress of the country.

“They have only one agenda and that is to abuse Narendra Modi from the moment they wake up in the morning till they go to bed in the night. Let them do so. Let them abuse me, but they should not spread falsehoods on farmers, youth and the poor people of the country,” said Modi while addressing the Bharatiya Yuva Marcha rally held at Thrissur in Kerala on Sunday.

He lambasted the Congress for lowering the prestige of Indian Constitution and democracy. “Recently we saw a Congress leader addressing a press meet held at London to question the Electronic Voting Machines and the Election Commission of India. The questioned the ethos of Indian democracy. Is this how they respect the democracy?” asked the Prime Minister.

Modi pointed out that the Congress and the Communists blame all institutions in the country. “They have zero regards for the Country’s Constitution. They accuse the Armed Forces, Election Commission, judiciary, CBI, Enforcement Directorate, CVC and all other institutions.  For them all these institutions are wrong and they are the only right people,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister came down heavily on the Communists for their stance on  Sabarimala Temple. “The Communist Government is showing disrespect to Sabarimala Temple. They are undermining and destroying the culture and civilisation of Kerala which had stood the test of time for thousands of years. The Congress is also not behind them in this endeavour,” the PM added.