This has been a tumultuous period for the whole of humankind, and has shaken up all the nations. All assumptions have been blown away. COVID-19, which some have controversially called the ‘Wuhan virus’, has turned our world topsy-turvy, and also PM Modi’s plans – the prime minister had begun his second consecutive term at a pace that had surprised many, including his foes. He was clearly a leader in a hurry.

Modi 1.0 was all about reaching out to the bottom rung of society and providing dignity to the poor – that which they had lacked during 70 years of independence. Every step PM Modi took proved to be a boon when the coronavirus outbreak happened. In the first term, it was also about putting India on the world map as a global player.

The quick stitching- together of the International Solar Alliance was a masterful response to the global warming lobby that has been trying to make developing economies pay for the sins of high-consumption developed economies. Modi ji created multi-lateral relationships with countries who were adversaries otherwise.