In the urban areas of Chhattisgarh, people living in slums are getting the benefit of regular check-up-treatment-medicine from the Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) of Mukhyamantri Slum Health Scheme, but this work is done in controlling the infection even during the corona period. of has been proved. Since the inception of the scheme, till now ten thousand camps have been organized under this scheme. Free check-up, treatment and medicine have been provided to about five lakh patients.

The Chief Minister Slum Health Scheme was launched by Chief Minister Shri Baghel in the presence of MP Shri Rahul Gandhi on the State Foundation Day 01 November 2020. 60 MMUs equipped with modern equipment are providing health services in all the 14 municipal corporations of the state. In these mobile medical units, MBBS doctors are providing health facilities to the patients by setting up camps in about 1600 slums. Pharmacist for free medicine distribution in the camp along with MBBS doctor, Lab technician for free lab test, ANM and MMU driver to serve patients. This slum health scheme, which provides door-to-door treatment in Para-Mohalla, has so far treated about 05 lakh patients.
Out of these patients, free lab test has been done for about one lakh twenty thousand patients. 41 types of different lab tests are done in MMU. In these, blood, excreta, urine, sputum, tuberculosis, thyroid, malaria, typhoid etc. are examined by skilled lab technicians with state-of-the-art machines. About four lakh forty thousand patients have availed services from pharmacists on the basis of doctor’s prescriptions, taking advantage of free drug delivery service in MMU. Availability of 200 types of medicines like Paracetamal, Brufen, Metformin, Atenolol, B-complex, Iron, Folic acid, Cephalexin, Amoxicillin, Limci, ORS, Tetanus injection, Rabies injection etc. is being ensured in MMU. There is also a provision of blood-pressure measuring machine, sugar test machine, ECG machine, oxygen cylinder etc. in MMU vehicles of slum health scheme. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has praised the officers, employees of the Urban Administration and Development Department, District Collector and the team of MMU on the achievement of completing the treatment of five lakh patients.