A mob of youth, who was going to buy goods for his grandmother’s anniversary in Sitamarhi, beat and beaten him. In Bihar, for instance, there is a case of a mob lining. In this case, the police’s big negligence has also emerged. Right now, the police has registered a case against 150 people. The heartbreaking incident is of Sitamarhi. Where good governance in Bihar came again in the question The identity of the youth has been done in the form of Bhushan Jha of Rupesh Kumar Jha son resident of Sighhariya village of Sahiyara police station area. Rupesh’s uncle Sunil Kumar Jha told that his mother is a boy.

The uncle of the deceased told that his nephew was going to Sitamarhi town with his friend to buy goods for him. Then there was a dispute about the side from the pick-up on the road. Meanwhile, the pickup driver started making noise. Seeing the crowd gathered there and caught a young man. People began to beat the young man, Rupesh, without thinking of anything. Then he beat him with sticks. During this time he kept screaming and people beat him. Even small children were also seen in this crowd. On the other hand, the relatives questioned good governance and said that he was going to Sitamarhi with the work of the house.

The villagers beat him severely and beat him severely. Riga police reached the spot and sent the young man to Sadar Hospital for treatment. Seeing his serious situation, the family took him to the clinic of the famous doctor Dr. Varun Kumar of the city. Dr Varun referenced the PMCH to see his extremely worrisome situation. Where he died at around 11 o’clock late night. According to the villagers, the pickup was being taken illegally. The reason that the pickup driver killed a innocent young man by making noise.

After the incident, the post mortem of the dead body could not be reached. The family said that the police reached the spot, when Rupesh’s dead body was freed. On the other hand, the police also wrote a letter from the family about not filing an FIR, but the relatives said that they need justice.