Tribal farmers Mr. Chhote Lal, Mr. Tulsi Das and Mr. Ramashankar are witnessing a miracle in their lives. At the village of Deogarh, 105 km from the district headquarters of Korea, when they look at their fields, the harvest of the wheat wheat brings tears of joy to their eyes. Just wait for some time and for the first time they will be able to eat bread made of wheat flour grown in their own field, and earn extra by selling the crop. These are the same lands that they used to leave for many years only after the kharif crop, because without water there was not a single sprout. These farmers did not even think in their dreams that Rabi crops will also be brought on their land.

Not only are these three farmers in the Baiga tribal-dominated Deogarh of Vananchal Bharatpur development block in Koriya district, whose fields still look green. Ten farmers of both the villages of Deogarh and Janua on both sides of Nala are being irrigated on 34 acres of land from the Stopdem made by MNREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) on Pachni Nala. With this stopdam, a total of 15 acres of seven farmers of Janua, Mr. Dinesh Singh, Balicharan Singh, Ramdas Singh, Prafulla Singh, Bhagwan Das, Budhu Singh and Smt. Is getting water for irrigation during the Rabi season.