Dongargarh MLA Bhuneshwar attended various events in Baghel block. Legislator Baghel inaugurated Mahila Bhavan in Maladbury and talked about connecting women with employment. He announced 5.20 lakh bub road for development work and 6.50 lakh for building. After this, MLA Baghel reached Kuwarzhorki where Kabir attended the satsang program. The legislators then joined the Shikaritola Shakambhari Jayanti, where it announced 6.50 lakhs for the social building, 5.20 lakhs for Bub Road. The MLA Baghel reached Baghera, where he launched the first smart class of the block. MLA Baghel said that education is the biggest capital of our life, every goal can be achieved only with good education. After this MLA Baghel Joratarai reached where smart class and Kabbadi competition was launched and announced 5 lakh Bub road for development work and 6 lakh for commercial campus. MLA Baghel Mangta attended the Shakambhari Jayanti program, where he announced Rs. 6.50 lakh for the Samajik Bhavan. Congress leaders Kamleshwar Verma, Shobharam Baghel, Block President Ratan Yadav, District Chairman Omprakash Sahu etc. attended the program. A large number of villagers and social representatives were present with him including District Panchayat member Pushpa Verma.