‘Mithila Vibhuti’ to be conferred to linguistic expert, social entrepreneur Dr Birbal Jha

Express News Service
PATNA: Bihar-born noted linguistic expert, social entrepreneur, author and promoter of English speaking skills among the people of poorest communities, Dr Birbal Jha will be conferred the title ‘Mithila Vibhuti’ by the International Council on Maithili, a social outfit at IGNCA Auditorium of Delhi NCR, on April 25 this year. 

Dr Jha is getting this honour in recognition of his outstanding social and literary contributions to the people of Mithila, living in different parts of the country.

Dr Birbal Jha, who is popularly known as the ‘Youngest Living Legend of Mithila’ through a book published in 2017, is the first-ever personality from North Bihar’s mithilanchal region, who has been able to connect around 4 crores of Maithili-speaking people through his flagship programme- ‘Save the Paag Campaign’, started by him in a cultural move. 

It was Dr Jha whose efforts had got the postal stamp on Mithila Paag released by the Central Government- led by Narendra Modi in 2017. He is also credited with an initiative started to imparting English communication skills under which more than three lakh youths that also includes around 30,000 youths from the poorest section of society were made fluent in English speaking.

Born on January 22 in 1972 in Sijoul village of Madhubani district of Bihar, Dr Jha received his early education from a village school. For higher studies, he, however, moved to Patna, where he graduated, post-graduated and got awarded a PhD from Patna University.

To help the unprivileged section of society, Dr Birbal laid the foundation stone of British Lingua with the slogan ‘English for all’.

He said that the award being conferred upon him is dedicated to the entire mithila people who never left their linguistic linages behind the success in a materialistic world.

“It is because of all those who encouraged, inspired and supported md to do the best for the society to through all the endeavours”, Dr Jha said.