Urban Administration and Development and Labor Minister Dr Shivkumar Dahria, who has taken the initiative to give priority to the use of cow wood at the state level in the direction of making the environment clean in Holika Dahan, bonfire, has taken a step towards making Chhattisgarh a plastic-free Chhattisgarh. He launched a campaign to create awareness amongst the common citizens including a ban on the use of plastic bags, carry bags and materials that harm the environment by social worker Shubhangi Apte at his residence office.

In the presence of Minister Dr. Dahria, everyone took a pledge to make Raipur free from plastic and pollution. During this, Minister Dr Dahria said that we should stay away from materials that pollute the environment. We should use the necessary resources keeping in mind the need. When we have alternative means, then we should avoid using unnecessary such materials which harm our environment. He said that when we have the option of cloth bags for carrying and carrying things, then what is the need of using unnecessary plastic bags, carry bags? He appealed to the common citizens to use cloth bags for healthy living and pure environment.