Shiv Kumar Dahria observed the ongoing development and beautification works under Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit Project in Mata Kaushalya Mandir area in village Chandkhuri. Minister Dr. Dahria discussed the progress of construction works and inquired about the works. During this, he visited Mata Kaushalya in the temple and sought blessings for the prosperity of the state. During the inspection, District President Mr. Khileshwar Devangan, Nagar Panchayat President Mr. Ravi Shankar Dhiwar, Mr. Komal Singh Sahu, etc. were present.

It is noteworthy that under the Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit Project, the work of beautification and complex development of the temple at Chandkhuri is to be completed in two phases. Approximately Rs 15 crore has been approved for this. Chandkhuri is being developed as a tourism-pilgrimage. Along with the beautification of the ancient Kaushalya Mata Temple located at Chandkhuri, civic amenities are also being developed. While beautifying the pond, the temple-island situated in the middle is being made more attractive and well-organized. The architecture of the entire complex has been designed according to Chandkhuri’s relation to mythology. A new design bridge is being prepared across the pond to reach the Talab Mandir. The ghats in the pond and the circumambulation-path is being constructed all around. Parking facility is also being developed for the vehicles of the visitors. Attractive electrical furnishings will also be done in this entire complex.