Microsoft Teams, a videoconferencing and communication service, will stop working on Internet Explorer 11 as of this Tuesday, December 1st. The end of browser support is part of Microsoft’s plan to shut down the old browser, which is already being replaced by Edge.

Starting in December, Internet Explorer users will no longer be able to access the chat or enter Teams calls. Ending conference service support is just the first step towards closing other Microsoft tools in the browser.

As of August 17, 2021, all other applications and services in the Microsoft 365 package will also stop working with Internet Explorer. Before that, in March 2021, the company will also close the old version of Edge.

The company’s goal is to centralize all users in the revamped edition of Microsoft Edge. The browser is based on Chromium, which guarantees speed in use, and has a compatibility mode for old sites, which makes using Internet Explorer unnecessary.

Microsoft recently started a move to start migrating Internet Explorer users to the new browser. Now, certain sites do not open in the old browser and bring an automatic redirect to Edge, which is already pre-installed in the latest editions of Windows 10.