MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) is providing employment to the people as well as continuously enhancing their livelihood. With the construction of private durbs, ponds and wells through the MNREGA, the irrigation is being opened with the help of small and marginal farmers. Now they are not limited to paddy cultivation alone. Along with the production of rabi crops and vegetables, it is also opening up new employment options like fisheries. Construction of dabris, ponds and wells is providing water for livelihood as well as livelihood enhancement.

MNREGA-made well has changed the life of Mr. Samayalal Ahirwar, a farmer of village Jamthan of Vananchal Bharatpur in Korea district. After digging the well, they are producing vegetable in their farmyard. At the same time, they are also taking wheat crop by planting fence in their one acre land near Bari. Mr. Samaylal says that last year he took production of three quintals of wheat. This time too, he has sown wheat along with vegetables. Along with rice, they are also eating their own farm produce. They no longer have to buy grains and vegetables from outside.