On the basis of one nation, one election, the elections of urban bodies in the state can be simultaneously. The State Election Commission favors it and has also given the proposal to the government. The main opposition Congress in the state also agreed on this. The committee constituted to crack the public gathering of the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections together in the state has submitted the report to Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. In favor of holding elections simultaneously, it has been recommended to initiate the process of electing the body together in the state. According to sources, the committee formed under the chairmanship of Public Relations Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra has prepared the report after studying the existing laws including political parties and dignitaries. Congress also agreed to take the election together. If you did not keep any opinion from the party, the rest of the parties have mixed reactions. The State Election Commission also gave its suggestions to the committee.
The Commission has already favored to take the body election together. Election Commissioner R. Parashuram has also given the presentation to the state government. For this, there will be some amendment in some laws at the state level and some rules have to be changed. In 2019 the bodies will be elected. The committee believes that even though at the center level the process may take time but initiative at the state level can be taken. According to sources, the state election commission had reported 11 pages in 2016 for the government to hold elections together. In it, there are 91 bodies where the elections are not being held with the general elections due to various reasons. In some cases the decision of court also changed the cycle of time. More or less the same is also the case of Panchayat Raj Institutions. The Commission has sent a draft draft amendment to the laws to conduct elections simultaneously. Senior committee member and political analyst Girijashankar says that we have submitted the report to the government. It has agreed to have a nation, one election. It was also said that the state can take initiative to make the urban body elections together. The decision for this is to be at the state level.