RAIPUR : Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has praised the bravery of Bludabajar-Bhatapara conscious master district Nishad. He – conscious Master at the age younger than is presented example of heroism. It is a matter of pride for the state. Other children of courage state master conscious will always inspire bravery.  It may be recalled that in August 2017 the 16 year-old Chetan Bhatapara village Kodwa Nishad saved then killed Tekram 10 years drowning in Connie Anikt became Sivanath river but lost his life in Sivanath vortex. The Government of India awarded the Best Survival medal for valor to animate them. District Headquarters Best Survival Medal Bludabajar tomorrow collector Mr. Cartikeya Goyal India parents Mr. Shiv Kumar Nishad and Mrs. funds by the Master conscious. Was as respected them citation, Czech medal and two million dollars.