According to the instructions of the government, permission for marriage, marriage, social and religious events is to be obtained from the subdivisional magistrate. In view of this, Collector and District Magistrate Shri Jai Prakash Maurya has issued an order that no more than ten persons should be involved in marriage, marriage and other programs under any circumstances. The applicant will have to provide nominated information about the persons who are involved in marriage or other programs in the application form, only after that the application will be accepted. Marriage and other ceremonies will not be performed in any Dharamshala, wedding house, hotel, etc., but will be performed in the house of the bride or groom. The order also states that marriage cannot be conducted in the homes of home isolates / symptomatic persons.
The District Magistrate has said in the order that no marriage, hotel, dharamshala, etc. should be booked for any marriage, social programs, till further orders. By making a copy of this order available in all the marriage halls and hotels etc., the sub-divisional officer revenue will ensure its service. Along with this, advice has also been given to bride and groom that marriage programs should be edited in the presence of ten persons, following the corona protocol in case of utmost necessity.